The Janis Brothers’ 14th Annual Great Bike Adventure
Slovenia:  The Alps to the Adriatic Sea

Day 1 Ljubljana – Located in the center of Slovenia . This capital of 250,000 is surrounded (360°) by mountains. We stayed at Hotel Lev near the “old city center”. With its cobblestone streets, outdoor cafes and shops, it is a very charming & quaint city to visit. We met Tina, our guide, and toured the city’s Castle on the Hill. We enjoyed our first of many Slovenian beers. It is overcast and raining.
Day 2 The bike journey begins. Rolling hills and snow-capped mountains everywhere. 58% of Slovenia is forest. The air is Pristine. The sky is blue – no rain – a Janis tradition. The biking is strenuous, but exhilarating. We are on small, less traveled roads. Hang gliders are seen throughout the day. Picnic lunch. On to the village of Bled and a tour of the Castle – a picturesque scene with a beautiful lake and small island with a church in the middle.
Day 3

We biked through battlefield of WWII where the Slovenian resistance fought the Germans. We also followed marked trails that Napolean’s army traveled. We hiked the Periznik waterfalls and actually went around a ridge in back of the falls. We biked through the Vrata valley surrounded by the Julian (Julius Caesar) Alps. Snow-covered and tree-covered mountains all juxtaposed together with truly magnificent and breathtaking panoramic views. We continued climbing most of the day with an extremely difficult 18% segment that challenged all of us. Another beautiful sunny day added even more enjoyment to our total senses.

Day 4 Our longest and most challenging day – 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.. We began with the long climb to Vrsic Pass through the Alps on a road considered one of the most beautiful mountain roads in all of Europe. It is difficult to describe the amazing blue-green pure color of the surrounding lakes. Very steep sections of the climb with grades of 14%. We make it to the top of the pass, exhausted, but emotionally “high”. We are congratulated by a couple on motorcycles. Only 10 minutes later on the downhill, the girl rider crashed and fell over the guard rail into a large tree over the edge. The tree was the difference between life and certain death. She was extremely lucky and it made us all realize how fragile and precious life is and to enjoy and appreciate every minute we have given to us.

We stopped at the Soca Springs for a hike like no other ever done by us. Cliffs and jagged stone walls with cables secured to stones for us to grip and avoid falling. We drank from the healing spring water and hiked back for another fabulous picnic lunch in the woods.

Late afternoon, we stopped and explored some “bunkers” used by the Slovenian forces to fight the Italians in WWII. It once again visually demonstrated the horrors of war. We finally arrived at our farmhouse estate and enjoyed a gourmet dining experience.

Day 5 We visited the Tolmin WWI museum early morning before our ride. This was the “war to end all wars”. The museum was certainly not uplifting, but nevertheless, important to see. Nine million people perished in this war that settled nothing – only to have WWII start just 20 years later.

We biked through the Tiglav National Park with deep gorges, rivers and gorgeous scenery all around us. Another great dinner at a unique restored castle.

Day 6 The only rainy day of our biking. We viewed the world’s largest stone arched bridge and climbed up to the Karst Plateau region with much different topography than what we had experienced in the Alps. We checked in early afternoon to our quaint and unique Village of Komen hotel and then visited the famous Skocjan Caves (100,000 visitors a year). Truly spectacular – 11 interconnected caves, natural bridges, river, UNESCO world heritage site.
Day 7 We continued our journey from the Karst Plateau to the Adriatic Sea. Stopped late morning at the famous Lipica horse farm which is the original home of the Lipizzaner white horses. Great afternoon, biking with several long climbs and breathtaking downhills. We ended our biking journey at a famous village church and its skeleton “Dance Macabre of Hrastovlje” – a symbolic painting of human equality from the 12th century.

We spent a few hours touring the fascinating old maritime city of Piran and sat by the sea drinking Slovenian beers.

Day 8 The brothers walked around Ljubljana in pouring rain. We shopped for gifts and were exhausted by 11:00 a.m. Stopped at a local bakery for 3 very large and delicious poppy seed rolls. Drank beer in the afternoon and enjoyed another wonderful dinner in the old section of the city.
Tina, our 24 year old guide – 1st woman guide ever. A wonderful reflection of the Slovenian people – considerate, helpful, polite, thoughtful, and the best we’ve had on all of our trips.
Lenny – fabulous waterproof Blue Slovenian jackets, matching shirts and a special hat with the Slovenian flag. We were hard to miss on our walks around the towns in the evenings!!
Larry – Big breakthrough in going Digital after 13 years of throw-away instamatic cameras.
Slovenian Beer
The Alps
Sea Bass cooked in a mound of salt – we thought it was rice!
Senior Citizen discount for Larry (over 65) at Lipica Horse admissions
Long 18% grade climb – the steepest ever
Picnic lunches every day – 1st time ever. Cheese (different every day), olives, fresh breads, cucumber salads, fresh cookies. Perfect choice for Janis Brothers.
Only 3 people on the entire tour – the Janis brothers – very compatible
Reaching the top of Vrsic Pass after a very challenging 3 hour climb to the peak – Exhausting, Exhilarating, and Emotionally as good as it can get.
Best dinners of any trip – local desserts, seafood pastas, fresh salads, etc. #1 Turistvena Kmetija – a small village hotel with an outstanding 6-course feast.
Skocjan Caves – underground river – per Tina “Journey to the Center of the Earth” – Jules Verne.
Petra & Ishtak – very helpful and enjoyable people – fun to be with them.
The River Climb – Precarious moments, steep cliffs and cables to hold onto. Drinking the healing waters.
Beautiful villages – all well-kept, clean – flowers everywhere.
Bike paths everywhere including the capital city.
Great weather – 2 weeks earlier were the worst floods in 65 years.
EFI for the 14th straight year.
Being together and enjoying every minute.
Laura – our sister and ultimate cheer leader and supporter. She is always with us in spirit.


This is our first bike trip since Dad passed away in April. He always loved the fact that his three sons did these trips every year. When able, he would follow our daily itineraries and think and imagine what we were doing. We dedicate our trip to the Alps in memory of our Mom and Dad. Their total dedication to us and our sister Laura provided our drive to succeed in life. They will always be with us.

Where to next year????